Can I see an Oru Kayak?

- Demos: We hold demos as often as possible. Details of upcoming events  are always posted to our Facebook events page.

- Authorized Dealers: Head over to our dealer locator to see if there is a local store that might have one on display.

- Oru Community: Another option is our awesome community— there is a great Facebook group created and managed by other Oru Kayak owners! We have a wonderful community and many Oru Kayakers are often happy to meet. You may even luck out and get to take their kayak out for a test run! We would encourage you to post something on the page, you might be able to find a fellow paddlers in your area or close by :)
Here's the link: Oru Kayak owners 

- Living in the Bay Area? You can check out one of our local retailers in Jack London Square to demo a kayak— California Canoe and Kayak

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