Failure Testing

We love making things- but occasionally, we admit, it's fun to break things also. Lately, we've been having some fun seeing exactly how much abuse an Oru Kayak can take. Obviously, we don't recommend doing this to your kayak- but it's nice to know that an Oru Kayak can handle some bumps and bruises.

For starters, we worked it over with a hammer:


As our friend and demolition expert Chris put it, "Kayak wins". Next up was the rooftop freefall:

Three hard landings, and just a few scratches. Built to last! As we said, we don't recommend doing this to your Oru Kayak. But we really don't recommend it with other kayaks- unless you want to end up with a pile of fiberglass shards.

Finally, lots of people ask us how many times an Oru Kayak can be folded. We tell them that the material is rated for many thousands of fold cycles without any weakening. But sometimes numbers don't tell the whole story- so we saw a chance to have some more fun with a demonstration. 


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