Oru Kayak + Scotty Fishing Rod Holder

Hello Oru Kayakers, Roberto here. I often get the question: Can you fish from an Oru Kayak?  We have had various people fish from the kayak, but in an improvised manner. 


Today I began the process of creating the ultimate Oru Kayak Fishing outfit!  I decided to start small, since I was going to put holes in the kayak's deck. The first trick was finding the correct placement; here were my requirements. 1. A place where the rod holder would be accessible while paddling. 2. A place where rod/reel could be attached and not interfere with paddling, especially in the case of trolling. 3. A place where the 2 inch tall rod holder would not interfere with the folding process or damage the kayak during folding/unfolding.  I placed the rod holder just behind the cockpit on the

right side. 

Then to make sure it worked I sent the Boreas team out with the kayak. They reported that the rod holder worked great, but the fish weren't biting...maybe next time. 

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